317 *True* Vintage Crochet Patterns That Are Available For You, Immediately.

From: Laynee Jenkins,

Dear Friend,

If you love to make vintage crochet designs, but find that good patterns are difficult to find, then this could be the best website you've ever surfed into!

I'll be honest, I love crocheting and knitting...unfortunately I'm not very good.  I'm definitely still a beginner, but what I've found frustrating is the patterns I find are all the same, boring stuff, over and over.  Have you noticed the same thing?  Once in a blue moon you might find a great vintage pattern that actually has some bit of personality, but it ain't easy.

So, I took it upon myself to find some awesome vintage crochet designs.  It wasn't easy, it took several months to compile the collection that is here...but I succeeded!  And I'm offering this package to you, so you can spend your time crocheting, not looking for patterns!

This is an amazing collection...but don't take my word for it!  Have a look at this video to see all that you'll get!

You Won't Find Anything Else,
Like This Great Collection,
Anywhere Else!

How do I know?  Because I looked (and looked and looked).  Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not a crochet expert.  In fact, like I said, I have more enthusiasm than actual talent.  But what I am good at is finding amazing the antique books that contributed to this collection of crochet patterns.

All of the fantastic patterns in this collection are over 100 years old!  That's why I call them *true* vintage crochet patterns.  There are hundreds here...all from the turn of the century...last century :)

Make Incredible Crochet Creations
That None of Your Friends Has Seen!

Here are just a few of the possibilities you'll discover with this collection...

  • Create a one-of-a-kind Bridal Purse, for yourself, or for a gift...
  • Pamper that New Baby with a Beautiful Bassinet Counterpane!
  • Crochet Unique Anti-macassars to Complement Your Antiques...
  • Make Fantastic Netted Purses, to keep or to sell!
  • Craft Point Collars, to Personalize Your Blouses and Jackets...
  • Make Beautiful Crochet Insertions for Your Patterns!
  • Crochet Elegant Pincushions...
  • Make Stunning Window Curtains!
  • Never be plaqued again by loose tobacco, with your own delicate crocheted tobacco bag...(ok, that's a bit of a stretch, but I couldn't resist :)
  • Create Treasured Afghans for Family Members!
  • Make Stunning Sofa Pillows...
  • Crochet one-of-a-kind Smoking Cap to match your Tobacco Bags!  (ok, still couldn't resist)
  • Make the Bride-to-be that you know a Pair of Lady's Half-Hand Mitts...
  • Hand-Crocheted Garters?  Can't Find Those in Victoria's Secret!
  • Create Your Own Magnificent Parasol...
  • Make Fido his own Hand-Crafted Dog Collar (It's in Volume One!)
  • Crochet a Beautiful Lady's Cape...
  • Learn Evermore Patterns for Lace!

I know that a pattern collection with more than 300 pieces could be overwhelming.  That's why I've split this collection into three volumes, to offer you a choice:

Option 1:  Vintage Crochet Pattern:  Double Volume

Vintage Crochet Patterns Double
        • 2 information-rich PDF Volumes
        • from 1891 original!
        • 236 pages in total
        • 250 vintage crochet patterns
        • Patterns include: 
          • Acadia Point Lace
          • Afghan for Baby Carriage
          • Afghan Square
          • Alameda Edging
          • Alexandria Lace
          • Antique Insertion
          • Apron Trimming
          • Balmoral Lace
          • Boa
          • Braid Trimming
          • Cape in Star Stitch
          • Chambord Lace
          • Collar for Child
          • Cover for Piano
          • Diamond Lace
          • Elgin Insertion
          • Fan Lace
          • Feather Edge
          • Garters
          • Harlem Edge
          • Child's Hood
          • Medallion Lace
          • Lady's Half Hand Mitts
          • Nets for Horse's Ears
          • Organ Still Cover
          • Pansy Lace
          • Rosette for Tidy
          • Sea Shell Lace
          • Wavy Skirt
          • Slippers
          • Smoking Cap
          • Square for Quilt
          • Tobacco Bag
          • Wheel Design
          • Yoke Crochet
          • ...and many, many more!
          • 25 Crochet Stitches
          • Stitches include:
          • Afghan or Tricot Stitch
          • Basket Stitch
          • Braided Stitch
          • Cockle Shell Stitch
          • Crazy Stitch
          • Double Gobelin Stitch 
          • Muscovite Tricot Stitch
          • Mussel Stitch
          • Point Neige Stitch
          • Scotch Thistle Pattern
          • Spider-web Stitch
          • Striped Stitch
          • ...and more

Option 2:  Vintage Crochet Pattern:  Triple Volume

Vintage Crochet Patterns Triple

  • All the Patterns and Stitches Included Above AND:
  • Volume 3: 150 page PDF
  • 67 Crochet and Knit Patterns
  • 77 Crochet Illustrations
  • All Patterns from 1904 Original!
  • Patterns include:
    • Infant's shoe
    • Tulip-Wreath Flower-Vase Mat
    • Woven Parasol
    • Anti-macassar
    • Ottoman Cover
    • Music-Stool Couverette
    • Toilet-Cover in Crochet
    • Cover for Hadrot Lamp
    • Candle-Lamp Mat
    • Hand-Screen
    • Crochet Counterpane for Bassinet
    • Handkerchief Case
    • Watchpocket
    • Toilet Sachet
    • Lady's Nightcap
    • Shaving Tidy
    • Window Curtain
    • Short Purse in Netting
    • Bridal Purse
    • Brabant Edging
    • Pincushion Cover in Point Lace
    • ...and many more!
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Find out What People are Saying About the Vintage Crochet Pattern Collection:

Dear Laynee, 

I just had to write and tell you how much I appreciate your website. 

Thirty six years ago, I learned to crochet.  I absolutely fell in love with it!  One day, I did a search for crochet online and found the most wonderful website ever:   Naturally, I purchased these volumes very simply.  Here, I was able to download and begin crocheting immediately!  Can’t thank you enough for all of the lovely patterns like lacy collars, hats galore, coats, gloves, doilies, table runners and so much more.  

When you look at all the patterns and stitches you get, it comes to a couple of cents per pattern……patterns you can’t go and buy in the store.  But it’s not about the money.  The service and promptness and your expertise is priceless.  Unbeatable!  

I hope you realize what a good thing you are doing for us.  All my crocheting friends know about your website and are enjoying too!  


Robin Haley
Glenford, OH


Dear Laynee,

I'd thought that I'd seen everything out there about crochet but your vintage crochet information will keep me busy for years to come! The detail in the instructions makes them so easy to follow ... even if the patterns are over 100 years old! And I especially enjoyed the Toiletry Recipe bonus.

Thanks so much.

United States

I can’t wait to show this to Mom. She’s a crocheter, too, and has so many samples of the old lace and doilies that her mother made. I recognized one of the patterns as one of Grandma’s doily patterns.

My favorite part is the crocheted antique purses – they are so incredibly delicate and would be a challenge to crochet, but what a wonderful result! The tobacco purse was delightful – it looked more like something a woman would carry because of its delicate construction, but it’s supposed to be for a man. I would personally make it for myself and leave out the tobacco.

I’m so used to the generic crochet stitches that you see these days, but your book reminded me that the creativity of the antique crocheting is endless… some of the stitches are gorgeous and look like they were developed with such care.  

One of the patterns called for “Three-quarters of a pound of Brooks' Great Exhibition Prize Goat's-head  Knitting Cord No. 16” – which made me laugh, but I imagine I could find something modern that I could use for a substitute.

This book was put together with the loving care of an admirer of an art that shouldn’t be forgotten. I’m thrilled with it!

Cindy Robertson
Chanute, Kansas

"sell-ur-grandma"  -  eBay userID



What a treasury of lovely old patterns! For my first project, I'm making a Bee Hive Lace trim for my best sheets. Now I can have the convenience of modern no-iron sheets with the old fashioned beauty of a lace edging.

I'm already paging through the book to see what I'll try next. Thanks Laynee! 

Helen Wilkie

Toronto, ON


In case you've read this far and are still "sitting on the fence", I'd like to offer you an incentive to order now...

If you order my Vintage Crochet Pattern Collection right now, I'll give you the following bonuses:

Knitting Book       1891 Knitting Patterns:
33 page PDF
Patterns include:
  • Lady's vest
  • Baby's Shirt  
  • Gaiters
  • Skirt
  • Infant's Jacket
  • Shawl
  • Baby Socks
  • Baby Booties 
  • Knitted Purse
  • Skull Cap         ...and many more!


Shaving Tidy        "Valuable Recipes for the Toilet"
            ('s not as gross as it sounds):
  • 10 page PDF
  • Recipes for the face, Cold creams, Recipes to remove freckles, recipes to remove blackheads
  • Recipes for the Hair:  To remove dandruff, curling fluid
  • Recipes for the Hands
  • Perfumes


bonnet            Crochet Article Pack:
  • 29 page PDF
  • "Crochet like an Expert"
  • "Free Crochet Patterns"
  • "Craft of Crochet"
  • "History of Crochet"

crochet collar
          100 Crochet Tips:
  • 21 page PDF
  • great crochet tips like...
  • washing loose skeins of yarn
  • dealing with requests
  • holding stitches
  • organizing           and many more!

This is my final attempt to push you onto my side of the fence :)...the prices you see below are a great deal!  I looked for other vintage crochet pattern offers, and they're around ~$49.95... (for 50 patterns!)  So, these prices are kind of a "sale" for me.  I'm going to increase prices 25% in the near future, so please, act now!


Laynee Jenkins


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Vintage Crochet Pattern: Double Volume

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Vintage Crochet Pattern: Double Volume

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So you really can't lose! The bonuses are yours no matter what.

Here's my Disclaimer:  
Two things:  First, all of these patterns are over a hundred years old.  That's old. It also means that some of the pages are not a perfectly clear image.  The crochet will look just as nice though :)
Second, these patterns are over a hundred years old.  That's before the stellar multicolor, photographic book printing that we have today.  So, if you need a lot of pictures to get you through a pattern you won't find it here.